Laureus Academy Members discuss racism in sport at World Sport Summit

LONDON, February 23, 2012 - David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has held a meeting of top players and authorities from British football to address racism and homophobia in the sport.
Now the Prime Minister is heeding calls for action, stating that: “If everyone plays their role, then we can easily crush this problem.”
For over ten years now, tackling discrimination, including prejudices such as racism and homophobia, has been a primary goal for Laureus.
And it has been sport itself that has proved to be the remarkable tool through which to do this.
Despite this success, Laureus Academy Members Sergey Bubka, Boris Becker, Steve Waugh and Gary Player came together to discuss the continuing presence of racism in top-flight sport on news broadcaster CNN in the run-up to the recent Laureus World Sports Awards.
You can watch a clip of the televised summit at the Laureus Blog.

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