Laureus Chairman Edwin Moses Visits Local Mixed Martial Arts Program

February 4, 2014
The last time Olympian and Chairman of Laureus Edwin Moses walked through the doors of the Mary Mitchell Center the room was filled with a different generation of students.  The young martial artists of the Fight Back program in The Bronx, NY may have worn the same uniforms and have been practicing similar positions, but now those youngsters are all grown up and new youngsters have arrived.
“Two of the young students Edwin Moses met last time he visited are now Masters at the dojo,” Sensei Wil Lawton, Chief Instructor at Fight Back explained.
Moses joined these Masters and other leaders at the dojo Friday to see how the project has grown with the support of Laureus over the years. 
“This was the first program we supported in the US,” said Moses.
The line of trophies along the walls of the dojo, the smiles on the faces of the kids, and the leadership of the masters demonstrates that this program is fulfilling its mission of building the confidence and self-esteem of local youth. 
As Laureus and Fight Back are each entering their 15th year, Moses expressed how proud he was of the success of this partnership.
“It is incredible to see the progress and success of the Fight Back program.  Having the young students who I met here when I last visited now being masters at the dojo, teaching new generations, is a testament to the strength of the program and the drive of its youth,” said Moses.  “Laureus USA is proud to continue supporting this organisation and its exemplary work.”

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