Laureus 'famous five' ready to be sports charity coaches of tomorrow

June 26, 2013
The brightness of the 28 degree sun was matched only by the smiles on the young footballers’ faces. Never before had they enjoyed being trained by five coaches at the same time.
And what special coaches these were.
Five dedicated young people have completed their training to become football assistants at the Laureus Kicking Girls project.
Held in cooperation with the Bavarian Foot­ball Association, the two day training course has given these young coaches the skills needed to help spread the love of the game to young children from the area.
The first day of training focussed on teaching the methods the coaches would need to use.
Sarah Plugge explained this by saying: "Technically, the participants were already very well trained, our job was merely to teach the assistants how they can pass on their knowledge… this included theory classes  focussing on topics such as "supervisory du­ties" and "How to respond to injury were also included."
The second day proved to be an equally rich experience for the participants.
Following the theory-based lessons of the previous day, the football coots were now being laced ahead of different practical exercises being tried- out. The les­sons each had their own theme and referred to specific forms of play.
"Working with the kids was really fun for me," said 17 year old Pia Lupper, one of the training participants who is an active player in the local club TSV 1999 Swabia. All the newly trained coaches are themselves active footballers at clubs and this experience ex­pe­ri­ence hel­ped in the selection process.
The training was rounded off with important conflict resolution training.
It is a great success to emerge from such a fantastic project. And along with those conflict resolution skills, Augsburg women's football now have five young professional trainers all capable of  making their home a  better place through sport. 

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