Laureus Football Heroes: Luis Figo's World Cup Preview

June 11, 2014
The FIFA World Cup is almost here and one person hoping Portugal can find success this year is Laureus Ambassador Luis Figo. Check out his thoughts on his old team and more in this exclusive World Cup preview.
How well Portugal plays depends a lot on Cristiano Ronaldo. It depends if he is fit or not, and depending on his performance in the World Cup. I think Portugal is not in the line of the favourites in national teams, but probably they are in the second line.
Is Ronaldo the No.1 player in the world at the moment? He’s one of them. I think he wants the Golden Ball. He had a fantastic season this year too.  It’s obviously depending on the choice of each person, but I think his performance in the last years has been amazing and for Portugal he is the No.1.
I don’t think Spain are going to win this World Cup. I do not think they have the quality to do it.  I think it’s the last chance for some players to play another World Cup, like Xavi and Alonso. But it depends on how they arrive at the World Cup because the Spanish League is very tough, it is a lot of games, very hard and if they arrive fresh they have more chance.
For Brazil, I think it helps to play at home.  Brazil is a fantastic country and I know the national coach [Scolari] well. I think he is a fantastic coach for that kind of tournament and you are going to encourage the country to help the team by supporting them. I think if they start well it is going to be very, very difficult for the other teams.
So who do I think will win? Well, first Brazil, after that Germany, after that probably, Argentina or Spain. And after that probably Portugal, Holland and those kind of teams.
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