Manuel Fumic visits Move & Do in Germany

Manuel Fumic, Laureus Ambassador and legendary cross-country mountain biker, visited the Laureus Sport for Good project Move & Do in the Mannheim, Germany.
The experiential learning program Move & Do is one of twelve projects of that the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation supports in Germany/Austria and has set itself the goal of strengthening the self-confidence and social skills of its young participants. The project targets primarily children and young people aged from seven to 21 years, and offers  climbing, cooperative games, rope courses, and archery.  
Fumic, who is also the patron of the project, visited the 5th grade of Tulla-Realschule in Mannheim and spent some time with the 30 pupils in the gym.
"I think it's great that Move & Do uses the sport to teach young people values ??such as team spirit, self-confidence and respect. Sport has so many parallels to the 'real' life. You have to set goals, accept setbacks and rise again”
The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation in Germany/Austria uses the power of sport as a means for social change and focused in its funding strategy on the priorities inclusion, integration and lack of exercise.

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