Laureus project leaders at Global Summit share and learn in a day out at school

Laureus sports legends teamed up with project leaders from around the world on a memorable the National Sports School of Malaysia, as part of the 2014 Laureus Sport for Good Global Summit.
Academy Members Edwin Moses, Daley Thompson and Marcel Desailly and leaders from 100 programmes around the world, which work to improve the lives of young people, took part in workshops and activities at the Bukit Jalil sports school in Kuala Lumpur.
Staged with the support of Malaysian charitable foundation Yayasan Rakyat 1Malaysia, the Laureus Global Summit brings together representatives from these programmes to exchange knowledge, ideas and share expertise on sport for development.
The activities included basketball, football and lifesaving, each demonstrated by the project from around the world which uses that particular tool to engage young people. The Academy Members took a leading role in the action.
The sport sessions and activities explored different perspectives from Laureus Grantees on how they use sport to engage youth and create pathways. The workshops, which included themes such as developing youth leaders, personal leadership and resilience, measuring impact and theory of change, and good governance were led by Impact, Laureus YES, Aqumen, Changebox and ISCA. The networking sessions also looked at how Laureus programmes use sport to create opportunities for young people, in particular around progression into further education and training led by Grupo Desportivo de Manica, Football United, COBRA and Bola pa Frente. The end of the workshops saw a Sport for Good in Action session which was led by Waves for Change, NPC Rwanda, Grassroots Soccer and PeacePlayers International
Sessions covered a wider range of cross cutting themes such as, conflict resolution and safeguarding of children. It was a great opportunity for the Laureus Academy members present in the session to witness what the sport for good leaders are doing in their respective projects around the world.
Sascha Luetkens, project leader from the Korbe fur Koln programme in Cologne, Germany, said: “It was great today to see the sports school and spend the whole day there. I did personal leadership and good governance workshops and took part in the activities. It was great to get the feel of the work of all the other projects and share experiences. We all went away having enjoyed ourselves, but learning a lot. It was very good to meet the Academy Members and see how interested they are in what we are doing.
Laureus World Sports Academy Chairman Edwin Moses said: “This was a very rewarding day not just for the project leaders but the for the Academy Members as well. It was inspiring to see representatives from so many Laureus projects around the world at the same time in the same place, all working towards a common goal.”
The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation has been working with YR1M since the Laureus World Sports Awards were held in Kuala Lumpur last March. The two organisations will co-operate over the next three years to develop projects which will use sport to improve the lives of young people in Malaysia and leave a legacy for the country following the Awards.

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