Laureus says YES to sport leaders of tomorrow

April 26, 2013
The UK sports pages may be preoccupied with one footballer biting another this week, but a remarkable group of inspirational youth leaders have been doing their part to show the true goodness of sport over in South Africa this month.
As a charity dedicated to using sport to help young people make the most of their talents and passions, everyone at Laureus is particularly proud of our Youth Empowerment through Sports training programme (YES).
And this week, the second year of 35 participants have completed their training in South Africa following 10 days of workshops, exercises and life-changing experiences.
The Laureus YES Programme is no everyday collection of educational classes. The young people aren’t stuck behind a desk all day. They are taken out to the hill-sides of South Africa to test their leadership skills during rock-climbing. They are encouraged to push themselves to their limits by on canoeing adventures down some of the country’s iconic waterways. And of course, the youngsters’ academic sides are put to the test with sessions on sports event management, IT skills, fundraising and even ethics.
This is all to help nurture these young people into the future leaders of the sport for good movement Laureus has championed since 2000.
But why not learn more from one of the participants themselves? Check out the below video from Hloni, who recorded his experiences of the 10 day training programme for
He, along with his Laureus YES classmates, are proof that sport really is a source of strength, education and empowerment for young people the world over.

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