Laureus Summit gets young people asking the big questions

August 8, 2013
Moses and Cornelia are debating whether men or women are better at sport.
Moses, demonstrating his education in sports science, passionately makes the point that going by race times, records and statistics, men are clearly superior.
Listening in to the debate is a group of fellow sports coaches. In response to Moses’ point, they offer a round of applause.
But that’s not the end of the matter for Cornelia.
She reminds Moses that the debate was about who was better at sport, not more successful.
She suggests these should not be considered the same thing.
The group, in languages as diverse as English, Spanish and German, yell with approval.
The debate is truly started.
Moses, Cornelia and the rest of the group are in Wankdorf Stadium in Bern, Switzerland for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation Fair Play Summit.
The summit is bringing together Laureus funded projects from across the European Union for three days of networking, training, and knowledge sharing in the use of sport as a tool for international development.
The event is being attended by Laureus staff from seven Laureus country offices and about 100 young leaders and staff from Laureus funded projects across Europe. Activities include sports based workshops that promote fair play, peace building and health education.
One such workshop is a fair play street soccer tournament, bringing out the greatest life lessons of the ‘beautiful game’ such as respecting opponents, following rules, and team work.
The aims of the Summit are to share of knowledge of how sport can be used as a social, educational  and development tool, and to strengthen and unite the European network of Laureus funded projects.
The summit is part-funded by the Youth in Action programme of the European Union.
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