Naomi Osaka raffles unique art in support of girls' sport

Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year Nominee Naomi Osaka and her sister Mari will raffle an exclusive piece of digital art to raise funds for Play Academy with Naomi Osaka – a charitable initiative launched by Naomi which has the goal of changing girls' lives and championing gender equality via the power of sport and play. 
The piece will be part of a collection called 'The Colors of Naomi Osaka' - a powerful collection of work by Mari Osaka that showcases the many shades of Naomi’s personality and character. The collection, signed by both Naomi and Mari, will be available as NFTs from Friday April 16th at 9am PST. While five of the artworks will be sold through a traditional auction format, the sixth will be won through a raffle at $5 per entry. The proceeds of the raffle will go to Play Academy, which Naomi launched in partnership with Laureus Sport for Good and Nike in 2020.
‘Finding What was Lost’ will be raffled with funds raised going to support Play Academy with Naomi Osaka
"As lovers, creators and curators of art since we were young, Mari and I are very excited to formally enter the world of art through NFTs," said Noami. "I wanted to do things a little bit different than the norm and make it more personal, which is why I asked my sister to create the pieces with me and offer something unique and special to fans and collectors from around the world, art that represents who we are and what we stand for. We hope that these one-of-a-kind pieces of art and the charitable aspect of the raffle will inspire people to dream big and to do better in the world”.
Mari added that “with the raffle element we wanted to give fans of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to participate – we wanted to share something cool with our loyal fanbase.”
The Auction and Raffle will begin on Friday, April 16th and end on Friday, April 23 at 

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