Ron's Rugby World Cup mission

Remember Ron? The man who cycled through every country in Africa? Well he is at it again, and he has next month’s Rugby World Cup in his sights.
The inspiring Ron Rutland completed his epic journey through Africa and is over half way through his new European adventure, with the final aiming of arriving in Brighton ahead of South Africa’s first match of the Rugby World Cup against Japan on September 18.
During his cycle through Germany, Rutland took time away from the bike to share his stories and experience with youngsters from Laureus Germany projects in Berlin.
Reflecting on his Laureus Germany visit, Rutland said:
It's hugely gratifying to witness projects that have been established long enough to 'prove the case' for the work and investment put into them, and you see and hear about people who have been through and benefitted from the projects coming back as adults and offering to give back and support the next generation going through the various programmes. That kind of sustainability is priceless.”
The South African adventurer was particularly inspired by Muhammad, from the KICK IM Boxring project. Rutland said:
He's one of the older guys on the programme, and an incredibly talented boxer, and the way that he engages with and the younger kids on the programme is amazing to watch...what a credit to everything Laureus is about.

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