Spirit of Laureus rings true at this year's Fraternity Cup

One of our most important messages here at Laureus is that well-rounded, fulfilled children are the most likely to remain so in later life.
We believe passionately that sport can help achieve these things in today's youth.
That is why it was so exciting to see the great fun and enjoyment being had in Paris recently at this year's Fraternity Cup.
The Fraternity Cup is a remarkable football tournament set up in 2010 that involves teams from all corners of the world who gather together for an entire week of competition in Paris.
Even though it's just in its second year, from the fun that was being had from children of so many different nationalities enjoying the game together, it is clear the tournament is already a firm success.
The tournament came to a fantastic conclusion on the day of the final when, just a few hours before kick-off, children from all the teams came together to unveil a remarkable mural that really showed the spirit of diversity that is so integral to the Fraternity Cup.
Once the tournament had come to a close, we had just enough time to offer one of our French Laureus-supported projects a final treat.
Very much keeping the football theme alive, we organised to take children from one of our Laureus-supported projects in France, Golf Educatif, on a memorable trip to that most famous of French stadia, the Stade de France. Being the home of France's 1998 World Cup win, it was particularly special to see how excited the project participants were to visit this amazing place.
It seems so much of what Laureus stands for is represented in the Fraternity Cup. The sight of children, regardless of their background or upbringing, using sport as a way to engage with each other goes hand in hand with what we are so passionate about.
If you have any memories of sport helping bring people together we would love to hear about them. So, be sure to let us know below.
In the meantime, we can't wait until Fraternity Cup 2012!!

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