Star trek: O'Driscoll to take on fundraising challenge

Getty Images
Rugby star Brian O’Driscoll never shirked a challenge on the rugby pitch and he is going to need every ounce of his endurance powers later this year as he takes on a gruelling challenge for Laureus.
Brian will be taking on Challenge Africa, a four day 100km fundraising trek through the Drakensberg Mountains to raise money for Laureus Sport for Good. Laureus Academy Member O’Driscoll will be joined by Ambassador and adventurer Annabelle Bond, as well as 100 other fundraisers who sign up.
Last week O’Driscoll visited Active Communities Network (ACN) in Dublin, which is one of the five Laureus-supported programmes around the world who will benefit from Challenge Africa. There, he undertook a training session with an unforgiving personal trainer and an even more unforgiving group of young people from ACN.
O’Driscoll panted, “The kids really put me through my paces today! They come from all sorts of backgrounds and have encountered all sorts of challenges in their lives and to give them a helping hand goes a long way. It’s daunting to take on Challenge Africa. I’ve taken on some hostile environments in South Africa in my career, but this is maybe the biggest challenge I’ve faced!”
Laureus will be following O’Driscoll's journey throughout the challenge. For more information, also visit