What's Michael Vaughan doing street dancing with Bobby Charlton in Manchester?

This isn't a question I thought I would ever have to ask.
But, at the launch of the new Laureus-supported Urban Stars project in Manchester yesterday, I can reveal it did actually happen.
And the evidence below has captured it for the ages...
The Ashes-winning cricket captain and legendary World Cup winner were in Salford, Manchester for the launch of the new project that aims to tackle youth crime.
It hopes to do this by drawing in young people and offering them a chance to get off the streets and involved in sporting opportunities.
In addition to trying their hand at some street dancing, the two sports legends handed out awards to some project participants and watched some of the young sports enthusiasts take part in football exercises.
You can find out more about the event and read what Bobby and Michael had to say about sport and youth crime in our news section here.
And for video of Michael and Sir Bobby's street dancing efforts, head over to our Facebook page!
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