Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure
Laureus World Sports Awards Limited and Laureus Sport for Good Foundation (together “Laureus”)
The Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure is designed to put in place a structure whereby issues and concerns can be effectively raised internally by employees so that they can be dealt with speedily and effectively by Laureus.
The Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure also contains an explanation of the Preliminary Investigation stage, in combination with a process step-chart, which may subsequently lead to an internal enquiry or formal investigation. The overriding purpose of the policy is help Laureus adhere to one of its core principles:
“We pride ourselves on maintaining high standards of integrity and honesty in carrying out our business activities. We expect the support of our managers, employees, suppliers and associates in pursuing these goals”.
Laureus is committed to achieving and maintaining these high standards with regard to behaviour at work, service to the public and in all of its working practices.
As an employee you have an important role to play in achieving this goal. Employees will usually be the first to know when someone in the organisation is doing something illegal or improper but will often feel worried about voicing their concerns.
This Whistleblowing Policy has been designed to cover the reporting of any genuine concerns you may have about suspected misconduct within Laureus or by a person having business dealings with Laureus. The Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure should not be used for grievances concerning an employee’s personal employment position. There are a range of policies and procedures which deal with standards of behaviour at work. Employees are encouraged to use these procedures as appropriate. For example, if an employee is aggrieved about their personal employment position, they should use the appropriate grievance procedure to raise the matter.
Whistleblowing Policy

Whistleblowing policy

Whistleblowing Policy

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