Vida Corrida - Projeto Vida Corrida

Vida Corrida attracts children and young women in running and football sections and engage them in activities aiming to foment discussions around gender, empowerment and improve quality of live for inhabitants.

Vida Corrida uses sport as a tool to engage participants in discussions related to gender and health, aiming to develop the process of raising awareness of local community and the importance of using sport to address issues related to respect, empathy, responsibility, and the importance of family ties. 
The programme offers, through the practice sports, an environment with learning opportunities and development, supporting the inclusion of family members and residents of thecommunity we serve.
Vida Corrida methodology includes the "Four Pillars of Education for the centuryXXI "of the report of the United Nations Educational Organization, the Science and Culture (UNESCO, 1999), which suggests four competencies for the integral development: Learning to KNOW / Learning to DO / Learning to KNOW / Learning to BE.

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