Sport for Good City Delhi

Sport for Good City Delhi

Sport for Good City Delhi


The ‘Model City’ approach has been implemented by Laureus in Delhi since 2019, using a bottom-up
Approach, to improve the lives of local communities using sport as a catalyst for change. A coalition of local stakeholders has been formed in the Seemapuri sub-district of Delhi, and the project entered phase 3 (Invest and Demonstrate) in March 2021.
Model City Delhi aims at improving gender equality through sport, and empowering local people to drive the change they want to see in their community. Delhi is the seventh city in the world to implement the Model City programme.


Our Journey So Far

Coalition Vision and Outcomes:
MCD Coalition
One of the key success factors of MCD is the set-up of a functioning Steering Committee, which throughout the Programme, is responsible for ensuring the activities support the wider Coalition’s Visions for Change, contribute to the grant evaluation process and support the success of the Programme.

Each Coalition intentionally convenes a wide range of associations and actors beyond Sport for Development; in Delhi’s case, this includes those focused on women/girls’ rights, schools, government workers, youth groups, and other local NGOs. This is to ensure that a broad representation of perspectives and expertise are involved in the planning process, and to promote collaboration in tackling the social concerns highlighted in each location, to bring about greater impact.


Renu Yadav is the local coordinator of the Model City programme in Delhi. She has been involved in the programme since January 2021, and focuses mainly on Coalition coordination, Relationship development, Grant management and capacity support. 



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