The unlikely hero

Although Jamarion Styles suffers from an unimaginable disability, he never lets it stand in his way - especially on the basketball court, scoring the buzzer beating basket for his Eagles Landing Middle School in Boca Raton, Florida on 29th March. The 13-year-old lost both his arms to a rare bacterial infection at just eight months old, but again and again he’s proving that he can play sports just like any other child.
His teammates say Styles always encourages them because he works hard and doesn't let his disability affect his passion for sports. Styles is also apparently a talented football player, and plays the drums. He hopes to be a professional NFL player when he grows up. 'I play different sports’, Jamarion says, ‘but football is my main one. I just tried basketball, and it turns out, here I am.' Styles certainly had a hopeful message for anyone facing challenges similar to his. He said: 'Just stay positive, and you can do whatever you want.'

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