A vow to stand

Inspirational Adelaide BMX star Sam Willoughby married the “girl of his dreams” in an emotional New Year’s Eve ceremony in San Diego. Willoughby, 26, and American BMX racer Alise Post exchanged vows 15 months after a freak training crash left Willoughby paralysed from the chest down. He suffered fractures to his C6 and C7 vertebrae, which severely compressed his spinal cord, leaving him unable to walk.
As he lay in hospital just days after his accident, the Olympic silver medallist vowed to stand for his wedding and dedicated every day since to his rehabilitation to fulfil his promise. Sam has also continued to defy the prognosis of his doctors and has progressed from riding a stationary bike to crawling, kneeling and standing with the aid of his braces. “It's one of those things when it's your life, your freedom, it means almost a little bit more,” said Sam.

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