Zhang Fangyong has a dream. To become a successful boxer. And nothing is going to get in his way. His indomitable determination to achieve success whatever the cost has endeared him to sports fans all over China.
His career looked promising when he won the WBA Youth World Bantamweight Championship in 2017 and he was looking forward to a profitable and rewarding future, but since then his highest fee for a fight has been 3,600 yuan (around $550).
Fangyong grew up in rural poverty and has had to take a succession of jobs to keep his dream alive, but even that has not gone smoothly.
He was a security guard but was sacked after a few days because he was too small. He has also worked in a restaurant kitchen, in home removals and in construction. He became a delivery driver in Beijing, but his electric scooter was stolen while he was delivering a meal.
He recalls: "I chased the person for two kilometres but I couldn’t catch up with him." He did however keep hold of the takeaway. “A delivery person always protects his meal no matter what,” said Fangyong.
He is now back on the road with a replacement scooter and more importantly for his career he is training at Beijing's M23 Boxing Club, home to WBA featherweight world champion Xu Can.
"What we have to prove is my spirit, my willpower, and that while I may be lacking technically, I will improve," said Fangyong, whose goal is to become an Asian champion.

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