15 Years of the Laureus World Sports Awards: A spotlight on the Foundation

May 16, 2014
For one night a year, the Laureus World Sports Awards showcases the most inspiring people and achievements in sport.
But those people are not just the Usain Bolts or Missy Franklins of the world.
They are also the incredible children and adults who take part and lead Laureus-supported projects around the globe.
The Laureus World Sports Awards truly is a celebration of them as well.
This is no truer than in the week before the Awards Ceremony.
During this build up period to the big night, Laureus demonstrate commitment to grassroots sport initiatives by taking the legends in town attending the Ceremony to visit local sport for development youth projects.
Earlier this year, just days before the Awards Ceremony in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we took Olympic swim star Missy Franklin to meet an awesome group of passionate young swimmers where she offered them some tips and insight into her experiences in the pool.
Bringing the young people we work with face to face with their sport heroes is part of the Laureus commitment to using the Awards Ceremony as more than just as a once-a-year celebration of sport, but a way of securing a sport for good legacy in the Awards Host Cities.
Find out more about the ongoing charity work of the Foundation here.

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