Pole2Pole: Laureus legend Mike Horn gets set for epic expedition

Mike Horn, one of the greatest explorers in history, is in the final preparations for one of his greatest challenges yet.
The Laureus Academy Member will begin his ‘Pole2Pole’ expedition on Sunday, with the aim of circumnavigating the Earth by sailboat, kayak, and skis, from the North Pole to South Pole, without the help and support of motors.
The expedition will see Horn setting off from Monaco on board his sailing vessel, Pangaea, and sailing south to his hometown of Cape Town, South Africa. The vessel will then sail towards Antarctica, where Horn will ski across the continent and pick Pangaea back up. The next leg of the adventure will see Horn sailing north to the Arctic, where he will kayak and ski across North America to Greenland before heading back to Europe.
The adventure is unique and has never been achieved before. Horn, who has been synonymous with feats of daring adventure for years, described his latest challenge as a “lifelong dream”.
I am combining all of these different elements that I’ve experienced during 25 years of professional exploration into one massive expedition. I will circumnavigate the globe via the two poles over land and sea. This expedition will be constant adventure and exploration, to the extremes of physical ability, climate, topography, flora, fauna, and mental endurance.”
Mike Horn became a worldwide personality in 2000 after completing a solo journey around the equator without motor transport.

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