American skateboarder Chris Cole enjoyed a dominant 2009. He won the prestigious Skater of the Year award from Thrasher magazine, for the second time, for his ability to go to any spot - it doesn't matter what it is: a ditch, a quarterpipe, a ledge, a bank, a rail - and do anything he wants.
Cole took the overall Dew Cup, thanks to several huge performances. His first place finish at the PlayStation Pro set him apart from last year's winner Chaz Ortiz by 62 points in the overall Tour rankings.
And at the final event, the Skate Park Dew Cup in October, Cole turned on the heat, throwing frontside and backside 270’s down the handrail, and backside 180 nosegrinds, among other dizzying tricks to destroy the competition.
His team won Thrasher magazine King of the Road contest three times in a row, and he has won a gold medal at the X Games twice in a row, as well as other contests including Back to the Berg and the Maloof Money Cup. He has also appeared in the skateboarding video games Skate and Skate 2.

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