UK street riding sensation Danny MacAskill is enjoying a meteoric rise to fame. Once unheard of outside trials circles, a bike stunt video shot in Edinburgh is wowing audiences around the world, attracting more than 350,000 YouTube hits in its first 40 hours on the site.
The street trials biker is shown jumping off roofs, a tree and even riding along spiky railings.
Originally from the Isle of Skye, the 23-year-old moved to Edinburgh three years ago.  He has been practising several hours a day for more than 12 years to perfect his incredible skills.
He told the BBC Scotland: "My mum used to get pretty sick of the police always being at the door with me because I used to jump onto people's walls with my bike.  But since then I have now even done demos for the police who are working with community projects to inspire youths not to drink alcohol, so I'm pretty happy I have stuck at it. I achieved most of my goals doing this video with the spiky railing taking eight hours of attempts to get it right.”

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