In October 2004, Horn became the first man to circumnavigate the Arctic Circle
without motorised transport, completing a more than two-year solo odyssey
he named ‘Arktos’ which means bear in Greek.
Horn set out in August 2002 from Norway on a 12,000 mile journey through Greenland, Canada, Alaska, the Bering Strait and Russia's Siberia. Often dragging a Kevlar sledge carrying 200 kilos of equipment and food, he faced dangers including polar bears. He used a kite to pass over huge ice blocks, an efficient but dangerous way to travel at speeds of almost 100kmh.
Horn said: "I just kept moving every day - skiing, climbing, walking, sailing, kayaking, cycling and crawling - whatever man can do with two arms and two legs.” Frostbite had forced Horn to abandon a first attempt in April 2002 after he took off his gloves to replace his boots in temperatures of minus 45 Fahrenheit.

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