Based in the Stuttgart and Rhein-Neckar region, the programme uses football as a unifying, universal language to create positive change. Before every game, participants agree on 'fairness rules' and discuss their fulfilment after the game. Fairness points count as much as goals scored.
Only those who play fair have a chance of winning. The students organise, moderate and reflect on what happens before, after and during the game. This initiates the acquisition of social skills and encourages rule awareness and respect. Older participants become youth leaders and pass on their knowledge and experience to younger ones acting as positive role models. 
With a major focus on refugees and building bridges between cultures, KICKFORMORE advances ideals of a culture of peace and non-violence, human rights, gender equality and an appreciation of cultural diversity. The programme helps young people who are most affected by severe inequality to develop into self-confident, empowered and respectful global citizens.

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